• Students gather to pray after Seattle Pacific shooting

    By: Linzi Sheldon


    Just blocks from the shooting scene, hundreds of students and community members filled a church with the power of prayer.

    They found strength in each other and their faith at First Free Methodist Church.

    Theology professor Frank Spina gave voice to what many were thinking about the deadly campus shooting.

    "This act has been an act of madness and insanity and evil," he said.

    But amidst the frustration, there was strength, support and love.

    "It was great to see people coming together and hugging," student Danielle Tobin said.

    The tears in many students' eyes were matched in the eyes of the university's president, Dr. Dan Martin, who was heading to the hospital to speak with the victims' families.

    "These are students that... you see every day," he said, tearing up.

    Martin said all classes and events are canceled on Friday. Counselors will be at every dorm.

    He said its right to be angry and not to have answers. He also said it's time to start the process of healing and forgiveness.

    "We also believe that God's love and Christ's love is for everyone, including those that cause us harm," he said.

    Many had to watch the event streaming on their smartphones or from another building, which served as overflow.

    Martin said SPU will hold another prayer service at noon on Friday at First Free Methodist Church.

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