• Students in Garfield hazing temporarily banned from school


    SEATTLE - Eleven students have been temporarily banned from Garfield High School following a hazing incident in which more than 100 students could have been involved.

     The principal told parents he went to an off-campus location and caught students in the act.

     The Seattle Times reports the emergency expulsion is a way to ban the students temporarily as officials investigate. The school may decide to discipline more students, and Seattle police are doing the criminal part of the investigation.

     School officials said the students were caught at the end of September when Principal Ted Howard was tipped off that an old tradition going on for years was happening this time at the Washington Park Arboretum.

     In a letter to parents, Howard said that students were wearing shoe polish and drinking alcohol.  Some were wearing diapers. As Howard and police arrived, the students started running.

     Students at school told KIRO 7 about the so-called tradition of "froshing".

     “It’s called “froshed,” and they get paddled, they get forced to get really drunk and they get eggs smashed on their heads and stuff,” said David Morgan.

      Howard told parents that as students scattered, they used racial slurs and called him derogatory names. He also said the fleeing students caused a collision on the street.

     The school has a strict no-tolerance policy regarding hazing, but there may be limited disciplinary measures since it happened off-campus.    

     Still, police are investigating. The Seattle Times reports eight of the 11 students banned from school are also identified as suspects by police.

     Seattle Public Schools told the Times this type of ban usually lasts up to 10 days.

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