• Stormy weather delays high school football game

    By: Alison Grande


    SAMMAMISH, Wash. - Fall weather arrived Friday evening bringing rain and even some lightning.  Football fans came prepared for the rain, but lightning called the shots.

    The stormy weather had one Friday night football game delayed.

    In Sammamish, Eastlake played at Skyline High School. In the second quarter an official spotted lightning and called a delay.

    He blew his whistle and cleared the teams off of the field.

    "The official saw a lightning strike and cleared the field. It's pretty automatic in high school sports. It's a 30 minute delay," Skyline Athletic Director Ryan Gilbert explained.

    Parents used the time to grab more blankets and umbrellas out of their cars.

    Murray Easter's son is on the Skyline team. He said he's glad they're careful. "It's smart. You don't even have a decision to make."

    When the 30 minutes were up the teams returned to the field.

    Skyline went on to beat Eastlake 21-6.

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