• Storm damages home, property in Snohomish County

    By: Natasha Chen


    SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. - One home and one shed had minor damages after a storm in Snohomish County on Sunday afternoon.

    Neighbors on 231st Avenue Northeast near Lake Roesiger said they saw a funnel cloud on their street around 4 p.m.

    Amanda Arneson said she was feeding her 11-month-old baby in the kitchen when she first heard what sounded like an airplane. Then she saw what she described as a “Wizard of Oz tornado” two stories high, headed toward her house.

    Before I could do anything it snapped the outdoor umbrella off, and it threw that out; pushed the BBQ almost off the deck, and as I grabbed my kids and ran into the middle of the living room, I noticed it picked up the kids’ playhouse,” Arneson said.

    According to KIRO 7 Meteorologist Morgan Palmer, officials with the National Weather Service will send people to look at the damage Monday.

    Palmer also said radar data showed that there was a fast-moving cell through the area during the time of the storm. The damage is very minor and it could have been produced by a non-severe wind gust, but could have been a weak funnel.

    According to Palmer, there was no indication on radar of a tornado, but the radar beam cannot detect anything below about 3,000 feet.

    There were no injuries reported.

    Down the street, Lance Chambers came home after the storm, surprised to see a tree had crashed on his shed in the backyard.

    We don’t see that around here, that’s for sure,” Chamber said.

    He said he was glad that particular tree fell only on his shed, instead of one of the other tall trees that could have easily crashed on his house.

    The Arnesons were actually outside just 15 minutes before the storm suddenly hit. They’re thankful the neighborhood children weren’t all in the playhouse, where they often are even in the rain.

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