Stolen Sea-Tac luggage sparks extra security

By: Gary Horcher


SEATAC, Wash. - Port of Seattle police are warning crowds of spring break travelers to keep a close eye on their luggage when they arrive at Sea-Tac.

Passengers are reporting a sharp increase in thefts from the baggage carousels.

“More people at the airport over spring break means more bad guys are starting to come out here as well,” said Sea-Tac airport spokesman Perry Cooper.

Cooper said thieves have been caught on surveillance cameras posing as passengers. He says they prey on travelers who don’t grab their own bags immediately.

“They're waiting for that bag that's gone around in a circle three four five times,” said Cooper. “They think ‘obviously no-one's picked (the bag) up, here's an opportunity, maybe I can just grab it and dash.’”

Port of Seattle police are increasing patrols around the baggage carousels with both uniformed and undercover officers.

Despite the extra police presence, travelers like Greg Bartoletti believes thieves could still blend in, and get away with luggage in a crowd.

“None of this is really guarded too much. So when stuff comes out here, people, it's a free-for-all. People grab stuff and take off, so you'd never know," said Bartoletti.

Travelers like John Convery tell KIRO 7 it’s up to individuals to watch for suspicious people.

“If I saw a son of a gun, I'd drill them, you know? Anybody suspicious is fair game."

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