• State troopers hit twice on Bellevue highway ramp

    By: Chris Legeros


    BELLEVUE, Wash. - State Trooper Anatoliy Nazariya was sitting in his patrol car Sunday evening with his lights flashing. He was investigating a collision on the highway ramp leading from southbound 405 to westbound Interstate 90.

    Even though he was parked on the shoulder, a Honda CRV lost control and rear ended him. He suffered minor injuries and is recovering at home.

    Trooper Ted Hahn is back on the job after the same thing happened to him on the same highway ramp a week ago Sunday.

    “I was inside my car doing some paperwork on my computer and heard squeals and just got hit," he said.

    He suffered a slight whiplash on his right side, but will otherwise be OK.

    In 2010, lawmakers passed a law requiring motorists to slow down and move over, away from emergency vehicles if it was safe to do so. The State Patrol said in the four years leading up to that legislation, 80 of its cars had been hit by passing drivers. Even with a threat of double fines, motorists continue to ignore that law.

    "They probably don't even know what the law is, because they're obviously driving like they don't. It's frustrating," said Trooper Chris Webb.

    Hahn said as part of his training, he was told collisions like the one he experienced are inevitable.

    "It's not if you get hit, it's just when you get hit," he said.

    There are investigations underway of both collisions. The drivers who hit the troopers could face charges of endangering an emergency worker.


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