• State regulators: no smoking weed on the bus

    By: Nick McGurk


    SEATTLE - State regulators sent a stern message to tour bus operators Thursday: no smoking weed on the bus.

    The warning comes after travel companies have applied to give pot smoking tours, according to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission.

    William Prigmore is already doing that in Seattle with the Weed Bus.

    "Right now, there's nowhere to smoke, that's the issue. Is that you can legally buy weed, and where you supposed to smoke it?” said Prigmore.

    He says he was surprised Thursday to hear of the UTC’s notice that smoking weed is illegal on a tour bus -- because that too is considered smoking in public.

    The UTC warns that failure to comply would result in a cancellation of his state-issued operating permit.

    The Weed Bus drives on a tour, including stops at Cannabis City in South Seattle. Amber McGowan is a manager there and says the Weed Bus stops by a few times a day – one of many weed-themed tour buses she sees.

    "I feel that a lot of these type of tour buses are very iffy on the legal realm of it,” said McGowan.

    Prigmore tells us his weed bus idea might be stalled, but not dead.

    "Nothing's over, to be continued,” he said.

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