• State proposes rule against smoking pot in bars


    OLYMPIA, Wash. - The state Liquor Control Board held a public hearing Wednesday about changing the rules so marijuana use would be illegal in bars.

    After marijuana legalization, a couple of bars in the state allowed people to use pot.

    The Liquor Board does not consider the problem widespread, but is looking to crack down.

    Bars are licensed by the Liquor Board, the same agency writing rules for the implementation of Initiative 502, which legalized recreational marijuana.

    But I-502 does not allow marijuana to be smoked in public view, which is why the state is proposing rules against allowing it in bars.

    An Olympia bar owner who let his customers smoke pot asked the board a pointed question Wednesday.

    “Where are you guys going to allow smoking of marijuana? “ said Frank Schnarrs.

    Substance abuse advocates spoke in favor of the ban on pot in bars, saying alcohol and marijuana can be a dangerous mix.

    The Liquor Board will take a vote next week.

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