• State investigating clearcut near Oso landslide


    OSO, Wash. - The state is now "vigorously reviewing" the history of logging near the Oso landslide.

    In a posting on its website, officials with the Department of Natural Resources say they are investigating reports that a 2004 clearcut extended into a zone above the landslide site where it was not allowed. 

    The DNR document states "approximately one acre of harvest appears to have been removed within the restricted groundwater recharge area."

    Groundwater recharging helps slope stability. 

    The agency would not make anyone available for an interview Friday, but the document says State Forester, Aaron Everett, will lead the investigation and that DNR will share additional details "once we have access to the site for a more thorough review." 

    The DNR says the Hazel watershed has a history of logging dating back to the 1880s. 

    The agency says the area most recently saw logging in 2012.



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