• SPD detective sentenced in cyberstalking case

    By: Alison Grande


    SEATTLE - A Seattle police detective who admitted to cyber stalking his mistress was sentenced Wednesday afternoon to 90 days, can have no contact with the victim, but still can possess a firearm.

    Prosecutors in the David Blackmer case were asking for jail time, along with the 90 days in jail, his sentence included 274 days suspended. He was sentenced in Snohomish County Superior Court.

    Blackmer admitted to creating a fake Facebook page under his ex-girlfriend’s name, and then posted naked photos of her and videos of them having sex.

    He was angry after the woman confronted him at his house, in front of his wife.

    Shortly before his sentencing, Seattle police said nothing changed with Blackmer’s status. They still considered it an active criminal investigation so he is on paid leave. Seattle police internal investigation do not begin until after criminal investigations conclude.

    The Snohomish County deputy prosecutor handling the case wanted to strip Blackmer of his right to carry a gun since this is a domestic violence case. Blackmer’s attorney said he would fight that because it would mean Blackmer would likely lose his job as a Seattle police detective.

    However, had Blackmer been prohibited from carrying a gun, it still is not clear if he would have lost his job.

    "Sometimes the court will make an exception to allow a gun to be carried only for the purposes of employment but not while off duty,” department spokesman Sean Whitcomb said, not addressing the Blackmer case specifically.

    Blackmer is scheduled to report to serve his jail time Feb. 4.


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