• SPD detective arrested in identity theft investigation

    By: Amy Clancy


    A Seattle police detective was in jail after allegations of cyberstalking a woman.

    Detective David Blackmer, a 17-year veteran, is being investigated for felony identity theft in Snohomish County. He has not yet been charged and is on paid administrative leave.

    He was arrested Thursday morning and is expected to be booked into the Snohomish County Jail. The investigation started last week when a woman came to Seattle police.

    Investigators say Blackmer was dating the woman.  When they broke up, she  went to his home in Everett and confronted him in front of his family on July 17th.   Records show Blackmer is married.  According to detectives, Blackmer created a Facebook page in retaliation, pretending to be the woman he posted salacious pictures of her.

    Read the probable cause documents in the case here.

    "That woman said a Facebook account mirrored hers, and that bogus account had salacious comments," Seattle Police spokesman Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said. That Facebook profile has been removed.

    The woman went to SPD’s Office of Professional Accountability to report the detective.  He was arrested when he arrived at work Thursday morning.  They took his badge and his service weapon. 

    He was booked late Thursday afternoon on Domestic Violence – assault, cyberstalking, and identity theft.

    The woman said she was concerned what the Facebook page would do to her reputation, Whitcomb said. If Blackmer is charged the leave will become unpaid.

    Sean Whitcomb said that, "all of this happened outside of work."

     Blackmer lives in Everett.  No one came to the door at his house Thursday night.  Neighbors say they saw Seattle Police cars and deputies from Snohomish County outside the house Thursday afternoon.

    The Office of Professional Accountability, which handles complaints against Seattle police, is expected to monitor the ongoing criminal case for developments and will start a separate administrative investigation when the criminal case is concluded.

    Blackmer is expected to appear in a Snohomish County Courtroom on Friday afternoon.  

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