• South Sound teacher jailed on sex charges

    By: Maria Guerrero


    UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash. - Biology teacher Michael Allen pleaded not guilty to five counts of sexual misconduct with a minor this afternoon.

    Court documents lay out explicit allegations against him.

    Allen worked at Curtis High School in University Place for five years until he was placed on administrative leave Jan. 17.

    That’s when a student reported seeing Allen and his 17-year-old teacher’s assistant, who is also a student, walking together after school.“The fact that our teacher was placed on administrative leave the first day that we received any allegations at all is evidence that our policies work,” said Superintendent Patti Banks.

    The University Place School District found the relationship went well beyond the classroom.

    "There was more evidence of a more extended relationship,” said Banks.

    Probable cause papers state the girl became a teacher aide for Allen and got his number from another student.

    “She called and texted [Allen] which progressed into them running and walking together. They spent a lot of time together and kissed and touched each other. This usually happened at her house outside in a carport,” according to the court papers.

    Allen was placed on paid leave Jan. 17.

    The court papers state the two exchanged thousands of text messages (before and after he was placed on paid leave) and allegedly had sex three times after Allen was placed on paid leave.

     In court, the 33-year-old married and father of two got support from his family and a group of Curtis High School students.

     “It just seems kind of preposterous that this would happen. He has a wife and kids. It just doesn't seem realistic to me," said student Hunter Larson.

    The group of teenage boys are standing by their teacher.

     “I see him every single day at school, say hi to him, shake his hand he’s a good guy. I was just shocked by what happened,” said Vladamir Karcha.

    Other students couldn’t believe they were seeing their teacher and assistant football coach in cuffs.

    "The man has taught me how to play football and everything. Football is my passion so it was really hard to see him that way, it kind of hurts seeing him in chains and stuff," said student Odessa Mendoza.

    Allen’s attorney says he will zero in on the alleged victim’s story, which he says has changed.

    “My understanding is she gave a statement only as early as yesterday afternoon. But according to my information that you probably have, that she initially said there was no kind of inappropriate contact between the two of them. Yesterday afternoon it says that she said there was,” said attorney Don Winskill.

    Allen’s bail was set at $25,000.

    If he posts bail, Allen is not to have contact with the alleged victim or any minors other than his children.


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