• Tacoma is rated the top city for small conventions

    By: Kevin McCarty


    Want to hold a convention? According to MeetingSource.com, the number one city to choose is Tacoma -- as long as it's a small convention of one thousand people or less.

    “When you get those kinds of accolades and recognition, I like to say it gives you a seat at the table,” said Travel Tacoma President and CEO Bennish Brown. “People listen."

    The city made the top 10 for small conventions last year, coming in at number four. 

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    Now the City of Destiny tops the list of smaller convention venues.

    MeetingSource.com cites things like safety for visitors, walkability around downtown, mild weather and affordable hotel rooms.

    The ranking comes as Travel Tacoma reports 2017 as another record year for hotel occupancy with revenue soaring by more than 9 percent and topping $127 million over 2016.

    And then there is this: Sunset magazine recently listed Tacoma as one of the nation's best small towns in which to live.

    Brown says it all adds up to a promising new year for the South Sound.

    “Tacoma has found itself, and once you’ve found yourself, you know that you can be the best self you can be. I think that’s where we are with Tacoma,” Bennish said.

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