• Family members offer testimony one year after 19-year-old shot and killed in Kent

    By: Patrick Quinn


    KENT, Wash. - On Monday, a King County Superior Court judge heard emotional testimony from the family of 19-year-old Michael Clayton, who was killed in Auburn in July 2016. 

    “All they said was my dad’s house was up in flames and they can’t find Michael,” said Breanna Clayton, Michael’s sister.

    The prosecution presented its case on Monday, the defense will call its witnesses on Tuesday, and the judge is expected to issue a sentence to co-defendant Sebastian Gregg on Thursday.

    According to court documents, Dylan Mullin and Sebastian Gregg broke into Clayton’s dad’s house, stole two guns out of the gun safe, and waited inside for Clayton to return to the Auburn mobile home. 

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    Today, his girlfriend, Breanna Hunsicker recounted what she heard in the parking lot when he went inside.

    “I heard him yell 'oh, (expletive)' and I heard about eight bangs go off,” said Hunsicker.

    Gregg plead guilty to first-degree murder, burglary, and arson. The defense attorney is insisting that Gregg, 17-years-old at the time, was coerced by Dylan Mullin. 

    “During this hearing, the defense will prove that Sebastian’s youthfulness was essential to his participation,” said Anuradha J. Zangri.

    The prosecution is seeking a prison sentence of more than 40 years for Gregg. Meanwhile, Mullins has plead not guilty and awaits his sentencing in January. 

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