• South Seattle mother confronts burglar

    By: David Ham


    SEATTLE - Brooke Ham said her house was repeatedly targeted by a burglar.

    She said the burglar stole some tools from inside the house on Tuesday morning. He came back later in the day asking if she had any work for him to do.

    "He was asking me for a job since our house was under construction," said Ham.

    She said no, and then the burglar came back and took an air compressor.

    "Within just a couple of minutes he went back to the front door broke the plywood on the front door and hauled off with an air compressor we were using," said Ham who is remodeling a house with her husband in South Seattle.

    That's when Ham went after him.

    "I grabbed the compressor and tried to pull it away from him. He fought back and yanked it back out," said Ham.

    He drove off but she wrote down his license plate number and called Seattle police.

    Officers took a report, but she said she didn't hear any follow up. So she tweeted Seattle police asking for help.

    "It's angering. How are we going to clean up a neighborhood and make it a better place to live for families if the police don't care that somebody is literally being attacked in their own home," said Ham.

    But Seattle police said they have been working on the case. Officers spotted the getaway car in the neighborhood but were not able to catch the burglar.

    Officers also checked with local pawn shops to see if the stolen tools were there.

    Ham is still skeptical about the attention SPD is giving to this matter she believes is very serious.

    "This is my dream house that I’m trying to create so that my daughter has a safe amazing place to grow up, and this man not only came into my home once but twice, just completely invading my sanctuary," said Ham.

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