• Some Snohomish County schools to get police security unit


    EVERETT, Wash. -  

     In light of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is going to assign deputies to a new school security unit starting next month.


    Sheriff John Lovick said nothing in his law enforcement career has impacted him more than last month’s mass school shooting in Connecticut.


    According to the Herald, Lovick is starting a five-person unit to provide better security at 106 schools in unincorporated Snohomish County.


    Each deputy will be assigned between two and nine schools.


    In addition to providing security, the deputies will review and update emergency response plans, investigate campus rumors and crimes, and mentor at-risk students.


    Lovick thinks the unit will make a difference or perhaps prevent a school shooting from happening in Snohomish County.


    But with only five deputies assigned to the new unit, there will be dozens of schools in the county that won't have dedicated security from deputies.


    The Sheriff’s Office said the plan is to add another five deputies to the unit by the end of the school year.


    Lovick said he is looking for funding help from school districts and local businesses such as Amazon, Microsoft and Costco.

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