• Social7 with Jenni Hogan airs June 7


    KIRO 7 is excited to announce its next venture in social TV programming: Social7 with Jenni Hogan, airing at tonight at 7 p.m. on KIRO 7.

    Viewers have already helped to pick out the show's name and look via online polls, and the show itself will continue that level of audience participation by calling on viewers to interact with the show live as it happens.

    Jenni will cover the day's top trending topics and delve into new resources, ideas, entertainment and technologies that are relevant and timely. She'll be joined by Karen Moyer of The Moyer Foundation, as well as other social influencers, businesses and celebrities.

    Some of the things we'll discuss during the show include:

    • Trending topics.
    • The celebration of a local company's 25 years in business
    • Local businesses that are utilizing social media to connect with their communities.
    • A social media campaign that socializes your fitness activity.
    • An app that allows you to discover great deals while on the go.

    While we talk about these things, we'll be asking you to communicate with us from your second screen -- your laptop, mobile phone or tablet -- and tell us via social media what direction we should take the show. If you're not on a social network, don't worry! You can still enjoy the show and learn about some of the ways people are using technology to connect with each other.

    Here's how to connect with us if you are using social media:

    Check back here soon for a list of our guests' social handles so you can connect with them, too.

    We'll see you at 7 p.m., June 7, on KIRO 7.

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