• So-called 'mayor of Aurora' jailed for preying on sex workers

    By: David Ham


    Laughn Doescher, 65, is in jail on $1 million bond for allegedly raping and recording video of women he offered shelter to in his motorhome.

    According to prosecutors, Doescher represented himself as someone who helps prostitutes off the street who need a safe place to stay and gives them a chance to get clean and sober.

    Detectives said that he had sex with several women while they were asleep and filed the sex without them knowing.

     Police spoke to victims who visited his camper that was parked at a Burger King parking lot on Aurora Avenue North.

     One of the women who sought refuge in his camper said that she thought Doescher may have put something in her cereal to drug her.

     Prosecutors are investigating other pending charges against Doescher.

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