• Snow slams north sound region

    By: Chris Legeros


    Winter doesn't officially begin until Dec. 21, but tell that to people living in Darrington.

    Denise Ford said, "Yes, it did come early."

    Four to 5 inches of snow fell on the city Friday. It came down so hard it reduced visibility.

    Todd Wright said it was white when he woke up, he couldn't see that far and it was slippery.

    In Arlington, a 72-year-old woman was behind the wheel of a pickup that slipped off an icy road, down an  embankment and into a church parking lot.

    Tow truck operator Doug Brandt said she, "hit ice and just lost control." The woman suffered only minor injuries.

    She wasn't the first victim of foul weather. The tow truck driver said it was his third all. When we asked Brandt what his advice would be for people, it was to stay home.

    Up to 3 inches of snow fell in Arlington. It was enough that shovels had to be pulled out to clear sidewalks in front of Arlington businesses.

    KIRO 7 found Mark Spencer digging out the parking lot of his Spa and Stove store. He said, "I've actually done it three times this morning."

    Spencer said snow might keep Christmas shoppers away Friday, but with hot tubs and hot stoves in his inventory, the cold weather could actually steer them back later as they look for ways to warm up.

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