• Snow hits Grays Harbor

    By: Richard Thompson


    MONTESANO, Wash. -  Sanding trucks were busy on the snowy streets of Montesano Monday.  

    It wasn't record snowfall, but it was enough to create some danger for drivers.  Says Rocky Howard with Montesano Public Works, "It doesn't make any difference if it's a quarter inch or 3 inches.  When it's solid, compact ice, it is slick."

    Enough snow fell in Montesano Sunday night into Monday morning that schools were closed in the district. 

    The closure was awesome news for Kelsy Bryson and her friend, who spent the day sledding instead of doing school work.  Eighth-grader Bryson said, "I wasn't expecting it to snow at all because we kept looking at the weather and we thought it was supposed to rain today."

     Even though schools were shut down, construction crews had to keep working on the new Montesano High School football stadium.

    Workers were too busy to talk on camera with KIRO-7, but off camera told us the snow and freezing temperatures were slowing them down.

     Snow flurries continued through the afternoon.  Most drivers were taking it slow. Meaghan Bender wasn't driving Monday, she was waiting for a bus - and her fingers were nearly frozen.  Bender said, "They're all pink. I feel like they're going raw almost, but they're just cracking. I think I'm going to have to get some good gloves soon."

     Snow flurries are expected through Monday night. Public Works department officials say they will be sending out sanding trucks through the night to keep roads as safe as possible in the snowy and icy conditions.

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