• Snow could isolate parts of King County

    By: Chris Legeros


    CARNATION, Wash. - Tolt Hill Road twists and turns.

    It can be steep at times, as you drive in and out of the Snoqualmie River Valley.

    If it gets covered with snow overnight, don't expect to see a snow plow.  There won't be one coming.

    A Duvall resident named Bob told us, "it's going to be very challenging and possible death."

    Budget cuts mean King County will only plow 10 percent of its roads, just a fraction of what it did three years ago.

    Brenda Bauer is the director of road services for the county. She said, "We're expecting that there's gonna be communities that used to be able to get out that are going to be isolated this year if we have one of these big sustained events."

    Bauer blames the recession that cut property values, and property taxes.

    Revenues haven't been able to catch up to the demand for road services.

    Until a new source of cash is found, prepare for plenty of slipping and sliding on  Tolt Hill Road.

    Carnation resident Michelle Jacob said, "It's bad enough with the ice, I can imagine with the snow it's going to be pretty crazy."

    Next spring, King County is expected to ask voters to approve a slight increases in sales taxes, and a flat car tab of $60 or $80.

    If voters say "yes," that money would go to maintaining roads and bridges, and pay for Metro bus service.

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