• Snohomish County cemetery vandalized

    By: Deborah Horne


    SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. - The names etched in these gravestones belong to some of the earliest settlers in Snohomish. They were buried over the last 114 years in the Marshland Cemetery along Seattle Hill Road. 

    "He wanted this."

    One of the newest headstones belongs to Colleen Wall's husband.  Eighty-five-old Ed Wall was buried here last September -- along with four generations of his family.

    "That's his sister, his mother, grandmother and great grandmother," said Wall. "And then we have a baby, 3-day-old baby, Linda, over there."

    But then she and her daughter noticed vandals had toppled several headstones, and broken others.  This ground sacred to them was defiled.

    "Oh, I get angry," said Wall's daughter, Sharon Wikstrom.  "It's private property, secondly it's destruction of monuments that represent people's family."

    And they represent a big cost to the cemetery's board of directors.

    "We do not have the money to repair all these," said Wall, a longtime board member. "It's a shame."

    A shame, too, to neighbors, who think they know who the culprits are.

    "We do have problems with children coming up here," says Shannon Kellar, who has lived here for two years.  "We see a lot of cars.  We have to chase them off. So yeah, they do like to park back here.  They do like to go into the cemetery."

    "There has been a huge number of children going up there."

    The cemetery abuts Ghafoor Siddique's front yard.

    "Needs to be put in some kind of control," Siddique said. "I don't know if they can fence the area. If they can, it would be awesome."

    Wall says she is thinking of putting up fliers to alert everyone who comes to the cemetery and those who live there. That way, they can join forces to keep the vandals out.

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