'Smash and dash' thief steals cars, crashes and flees



ABERDEEN, Wash. - Police are searching for a man suspected in two "smash and dash" car thefts this week in Grays Harbor County.


Investigators in Aberdeen said the man is stealing cars, then crashing them into other vehicles.


Sue Boyle was sitting in the passenger seat of her red pickup truck on Wednesday when detectives say Chainie Salazar rammed into her.


Officers say Salazar then bailed out of the stolen Honda he was driving and took off running.


"It was obvious he wasn't checking on us. He didn't care. He just wanted to get away," Boyle said. "I just figure if he did it twice he can do it a third time."


That's what police in Aberdeen are worried about as well.


They want to hear from anyone who can help them find Salazar.