• Small businesses push back on $15 minimum wage

    By: Essex Porter


    There has been pushback Friday from some small business afraid they'll be devastated if Seattle raises the minimum wage to $15 an hour. They sent a letter opposing the increase to Mayor Ed Murray.

    The letter from the Broadway Business Owners Association on Capitol Hill "unanimously opposes a $15 minimum wage increase" and "requests the city to consider the exemption of small businesses." Nikki Page, the owner of Scream Salon said, "I would have to raise my haircut prices, which we just did." "The cost of living is really high. We need a higher minimum wage but that jump to $15 is just, it's huge," she said while deftly trimming a client's hair.

    Page thinks she could scrape by, but worries about neighboring businesses. "I'm afraid that the place that I drink, the place that I go out for meals, those places are going to hurt and I don't want to see them go under."

    Asked about the letter, Mayor Ed Murray responded, "We want to get to $15 for everyone, the question is how do we do that." Murray told us he'll listen to small businesses, "How could we do this, either by phasing it in or potentially some exemptions in a way that wouldn't hurt our smallest businesses, particularly our neighborhood businesses."

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