• Small businesses attacked by May Day troublemakers

    By: David Ham


    SEATTLE - Even though protestors said part of their May Day message was to speak out against big business, it was the smaller businesses on Capitol Hill that spent Thursday cleaning.

    A rock was thrown through the window of Bill's Off Broadway by a protester walking up the hill from the downtown retail core. 

    "When somebody starts destroying your building and interfering with your ability to operate your business, obviously then it's not about their cause anymore," said Don Stevens, the owner of the pizza place. 

    Sun Distillery on East Pike Street was also hit by the troublemakers. The bar boarded up a door that was shattered by protesters Wednesday night. 

    Vandals also threw rocks at several windows of the Walgreens at Pine Street and Broadway. 

    Newspaper stands and trash bins were knocked over near the intersection. 

    The vandals also heckled people like Phil Petty, who is a salesperson for Mercedes-Benz of Seattle.

    He was in the back seat of a $110,000 Mercedes S-Class, leading a test drive for customers, when the angry mob surrounded the car.

    "I get out, I say, 'Hey everybody, listen. You know I’m here doing my job. I’m just grateful to have a job,'" said Petty.

    He said the crowd eventually backed off. 

    While businesses on Capitol Hill suffered the most physical damage, the Downtown Seattle Association said stores there also took a hit because of the mayhem. 

    "I heard from a restaurateur that lost a bunch of their reservations for that night. People left early from work, they didn't come down for errands, so it does have an impact," said Kate Joncas, president of the Downtown Seattle Association

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