• Sleeping men found in stolen car with engine running in middle of road


    SEATTLE - On Friday morning, officers responded to Franklin Avenue East when they learned that two men were asleep inside of a car in the middle of a roadway.

    The car’s engine was running and it was in ‘drive.’

    Police say they parked their car immediately in front of the vehicle ‘as the only thing keeping it in place was the sleeping driver’s foot.’

    As police tried to put the other vehicle into ‘park,’ the sleeping man awoke.

    The man reversed the car and then drove at a high speed into the parked patrol car, narrowly missing the officers -- who had to move to avoid being hit.

    Officers caught up with the fleeing men in the stolen car.

    A passenger jumped from the vehicle and fled on foot.

    The 25-year-old driver was arrested and booked into King County Jail.

    Police are still looking for the passenger.

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