• Skier films Crystal Mountain avalanche rescue


    CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN, Wash. - A small avalanche on Crystal Mountain swept away a group of local skiers on Tuesday.

    The avalanche buried one woman in snow. Fellow skiers swarmed the area, trying desperately to get Emily Anderson out alive.

    Steve Broback, a Tacoma man who has been skiing for 45 years, caught the entire thing on video.


    >>> Broback shares his video here.

    Broback said that he could hear rumbling as the avalanche came down the mountain.

    It flowed 100 feet, taking everything in its way, including skiers on the slope.

    Anderson got buried a couple of feet down.

    "I knew we had to get her out," Broback said.

    Broback and fellow skiers, including his son, grabbed their metal probes and feverishly started searching for the skier.

    After more than 10 minutes, they found her alive.

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