• Shots fire in White Center; Two people and a vehicle hit

    By: Deborah Horne


    WHITE CENTER, Wash. -  Thomas Salle, a butcher, stood beside his damaged car.
      "Could have been dead but I missed the bullet," he said, smiling.
       Salle can joke about it now, but what happened outside his butcher shop is no laughing matter.
      "I heard multiple gunshots," said Salle, still dressed in his butcher's smock. "Probably about nine, nine to ten in a row.  You know, at a fast pace."
      Seattle police responded to a call of shots fired in the 9400 block of 15th Avenue SW at about 2:30 p.m. Sunday, but they couldn't find any victims. Then a man and a woman showed up at Valley Medical Center in Renton with non-life threatening injuries, saying they had been shot in West Seattle.
       Eyewitnesses told police there was an argument between some people in a car and others on foot.
      "And from what I understand they were shooting back and forth at each other," said Salle as the rest of the rear window of his vehicle fell through. "Oops, there goes the rest of it."

    "Bullet went right there," he said, showing KIRO 7 the damage. "And it's still in the van."
      An officer spotted the bullet hole first. They searched the vehicle but never found the bullet they believe is lodged inside.
       Neighbors said what happened Sunday is nothing new here.
     Jaszmine Sandaine told of dodging bullets recently at a bus stop.
      ”There was maybe five or six people," said Sandaine. "Two of the people were in a gang and they were trying to shoot at those two people."
    It all gives Andrea Espinoza pause.
      "I have five kids," she said, "So it's pretty scary."
       Seattle police said they have no evidence the shooting was gang related. But the gang unit is investigating, which is standard procedure when the injuries are not life-threatening.
        There have been no arrests.

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