• Shotgun-wielding pot bandits steal cash, stash


    LACEY, Wash. - The manager of a medical marijuana dispensary was tied and forced into a bathroom after shotgun-toting bandits entered the building, held a gun to his head and ordered him to open the safe.


    Lacey police said officers were called to the Lacey Cross dispensary in the 4200 block of Pacific Avenue Southeast at 7:20 p.m. on New Year’s Day.


    The manager of the store said two men entered the business shortly after it closed, held a shotgun to his head and forced him to open the safe.


    According to the victim, the robbers  initially told him they were going to kill him, but instead bound his hands with zip ties and forced him into the bathroom while the robbers removed the contents of the safe. 


    The two men removed  $5,800 in cash and $17,000-$18,000 worth of marijuana from the safe and forced the manager to give them his wallet and car keys, police said.


    The robbers then fled the business. 


    Officers searched the area with a K-9 unit but the men were not found.


    One robber is described as black, about 25 years old, 6 feet tall, 200 pounds and had freckles.  He was wearing a black jacket or hooded sweatshirt.


    The second robber is described as black, 19-21 years old, 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds.  He was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and a blue bandana over the lower part of his face.


    Lacey detectives are investigating.  Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call the Lacey Police Department at 360-459-4333 or Olympia/Thurston County Crime Stoppers at 360-493-2222.


    No one was injured during the robbery.


    Though it is legal for adults to possess up to an ounce of pot, there is currently no legal way to obtain marijuana.  We've got section on legal pot where you can get your questions answered and even submit pot and paraphernalia photos.

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