• Thousands in food tossed after man sticks syringe into package of meat

    By: Kevin McCarty


    Meat and other food items worth $19,000 were tossed out Friday at a Walmart in Poulsbo after a 33-year-old man apparently stuck a hypodermic syringe into a package of meat on display at the store.

    Daniel Thieman was arrested after police examined surveillance video from the store's security system that police said show Thieman near the case where the contaminated meat was found.

    Poulsbo Police Chief Al Townsend said Theiman was arrested Saturday morning at a house in Hansville and booked into Kitsap County Jail. He was also treated at a local hospital for an infection in his hand.
    Townsend does not believe any customers were affected.
    According to a police report obtained by KIRO 7, the video shows Thieman reaching down into the case, although you can't see him put the syringe in the meat. He then walked away along with a woman who was later seen walking around the Walmart for an hour putting merchandise in her purse then removing it. She then met up with Thieman and the two left the store. Several syringes were later found in the parking near the couple's car.

    Thieman is being held on suspicion of placing poison or other harmful object or substance in food, drinks, medicine or water.

    "As a former addict myself, I mean, I can understand where people would get these thoughts, but to do something like that is just absolutely bizarre," said Walmart customer Spencer Allen. "I really hope that this person can get some help and make something out of their life, because right now it doesn't look good."
    The Kitsap Sun reports (http://bit.ly/17mly0K) a customer found a syringe sticking out of a package of sausage about 6 a.m. Friday. Store employees removed the meat, called police and sealed off the meat section of the store with plastic. The syringe itself had no needle and did not appear to be used, as the inside was dry.


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