• Sherman says thug is same as n-word

    By: Henry Rosoff


    Seattle, Wash. - Less than two weeks before the Super Bowl XLVIII, and Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is tackling the race debate.

    Following Sherman’s rant on live TV seconds after he basically won the game, many people have taken aim at Sherman.  The cornerback shrugged off most of the criticism, but took issue with those calling him a “thug.”

    “It seem like it’s the way of calling someone the n-word nowadays,” Sherman said Wednesday.  “It’s like everybody says the n-word, and they say thug, and they think that’s fine.”

    Sherman said he has been fighting stereotypes his whole life, having grown up in a violent city outside L.A.

    “Had I got arrested 10 times, or committed all these crimes, or got suspended for fighting off the field, and done all that, then I can understand being a villain,” Sherman said.  “But I’ve done nothing villainous.”

    Not surprisingly, the 12th Man backed up its Pro Bowl corner.

    “There’s a lot of haters out there, but if you know Richard, you know he’s a great guy and does a lot for the community, and is a real upstanding citizen,” one fan said.

    “He’s a Hawk, we’re here to back him up,” another fan said.

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