• Sherman expecting baby boy 'any day now'

    By: Web Staff


    Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman announced exciting non-football-related news this week ahead of the Super Bowl.  Sherman is going to be a father. 

    In the story that will appear in the Feb. 2 issue of Sports Illustrated, he said," My girlfriend, Ashley, and I are expecting our first child, a boy, any day now."

    "I’ve realized in the last year that I can evoke change by being a great role model: a man who respects women and police officers, who graduated from college and does everything in his power to be successful within the rules," he continued. "Circumstances dictate where you start—a single mother raised Kam Chancellor to become the man he is today—but each individual determines his course.

    "Where I came from, in Compton, kids were brainwashed into thinking that if they weren’t athletes or rappers or drug dealers they were nothing. My son will understand that he’s in control of his own destiny and that education, work ethic and discipline will guide him to an even better life than I’ve enjoyed. He’ll be the man who makes this world a better place through positive actions and influence."

    During a news conference Thursday, Sherman was asked about the new addition. 

    “I’m focused on the game right now," he said. "He’s not supposed to come on Sunday. But I think he’s a disciplined man and will wait."

    "But I've thought about the possibility of him coming during the game and coming before the game and we have things in place in case that happens and we'll cross that bridge when we get there. But I did not know it was a topic of national debate, honestly. I would not like to miss the birth of my first son, my first kid. Thankfully, hopefully and God willing we won't have to cross that bridge."

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