• Sheriff's Office: Man tries to shoot arrow attached with pot into jail; admits to trying to kill squirrel


    WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. - A man was taken into custody Tuesday morning after he tried to shoot an arrow wrapped with marijuana into a jail, police said.

    The incident happened before 9 a.m. on the south side of the Whatcom County Jail.

    According to authorities, an employee of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office saw a man getting out of a vehicle with a bow and arrow. The man then shot the arrow toward the second floor recreation area of the jail.

    The arrow missed the recreation area, and deputies located it on the roof of the jail. The arrow had a bag wrapped around it, which contained marijuana and another substance that was not identified.

    The Sheriff’s Office employee copied the license plate of the vehicle, and deputies later found the vehicle in the 3300 block of McAlpine Road near Bellingham. Authorities found a bow in the vehicle.

    After search warrants were obtained for the home and vehicle of David Wayne Jordan, but he refused to let deputies inside. Deputies then forced themselves into the home.

    Authorities said Jordan admitted to shooting the arrow, but said he was trying to kill a squirrel.

    Jordan was booked into the Whatcom County Jail on charges of attempted introduction of contraband and for obstructing officers.  

    According to deputies, Jordan has a criminal history and bookings into the jail. His most recent was on Aug. 8, when he was sentenced to serve 20 days in jail for two counts of assault and one count of resisting arrest.

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