Sex offender from Canada in court Wednesday

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SEATTLE - The violent sex offender who told KIRO 7 last week that he was not a public threat was arrested Tuesday morning for sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy in a Seattle alley.

Michael Sean Stanley, who fled Canada and entered the U.S. earlier this month, was contacted by police after a man reported yelling in the alley near the 2300 block of 44th Avenue Southwest in West Seattle.

A police report stated the officers responding "saw the man come out from a large dumpster that was at the top of a stairwell."

Police described Stanley as belligerent and resisting arrest. On Wednesday Stanley was held on a misdemeanor harassment charge. Police said King County prosecutors planned to handle the sexual assault case, and he is expected to be charged for that incident this week. Stanley is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

"He wasn't wearing a shirt or shoes, and was kind of laughing maniacally, as they were cuffing him," neighbor Rachel Brodeur said about the Tuesday morning case.

As Stanley was arrested, a 16-year-old homeless boy approached police to report what happened to him. That boy from Kirkland was taken into police custody as a precaution, but officers have been unable to contact his family.

Police said Stanley met the teen at a grocery store, started a conversation, and walked with him to the alley. Stanley supplied the homeless runaway with alcohol, grabbed him and sexually assaulted him, investigators said.

Detectives said that the victim did not know Stanley at all and had to fight him off with a knife before running away. The victim apparently did not go far, since he was able to see Stanley getting arrested.

The man who called police said he'd asked the man to quiet down, but the man threatened to attack him.

"Threats to take on the neighbor, and he kept on asking the neighbor, if you have a gun, come and get me," Brodeur said. She said she also heard lots of racial slurs.

When police arrived, they found Stanley, who became combative with officers and claimed he had a knife, investigators said.

Officers said Stanley was intoxicated. He was booked into King County Jail on harassment charges and his knife was taken as evidence.

Stanley was wanted in Canada for cutting off his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. 

KIRO 7 spoke with him exclusively after he registered with the King County Sheriff's Office as homeless sex offender in Seattle.

"Are you dangerous to the community now?" KIRO 7 reporter Linzi Sheldon asked.

"No!" he said. "Have you heard anybody get hurt by me? No!"

In fact, Stanley disputed some of his convictions, including a conviction for sexually assaulting a woman in her 80s. According to parole board records, Stanley was released from prison in 2011 after serving time for assaulting two mentally-challenged boys.

He had to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, but on Oct. 1, he cut it off.

He explained to KIRO 7, "I had served my sentence. I had no parole, I did all my time; I didn't want to play their game. I wanted to get out and start fresh."

Days later, he crossed the border, and authorities did not stop him. He had no place to live and no job. KIRO 7 asked if he was going to commit any other crimes in Seattle.

"No! I haven't since I got thrown in prison in 2004," Stanley said. "My face is all over. You think I'm going to do a crime?"

Canadian authorities said that his offense, cutting off his bracelet, was not serious enough to extradite him.

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