• Sex offender wanted in Canada is free to live in Snohomish County

    By: Monique Ming Laven


    SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. - Snohomish County is issuing a warning to all its residents: Be aware of 45-year Kevin Scott Miller. 

    He is a violent sex predator, deemed likely to re-offend. He established a pattern with two victims, an adult woman and a 14-year-old girl. In the two different attacks in 1995, in Victoria, B.C., he used a rope to choke his victims, and then sexually assaulted them.

    Despite that violent past, Miller is now free to live in Snohomish County

    Miller started his prison sentence in 1997, and then was released in 2010. Miller was under supervision and was required to be at a halfway house. Then he disappeared in 2012.

    Canadian officials lost track of him. Somehow, this past January, Miller was able to cross the border into the U.S.

    This is a felon who apparently knows the system. Local authorities say he has dual citizenship, and as long as he registers as a sex offender, there's nothing they can do because he hasn't broken a law here.

    Families who check the sex offender registry can't even find out in what neighborhood Miller is staying. He's registered as transient -- or homeless -- meaning he is free and legal to drift just about anywhere in Snohomish County.   

    If Canadian officials file the proper paperwork, he may be extradited back to Canada, but at this point, Snohomish County says they have received nothing.

    KIRO 7 is working to contact Canadian officials to see what is causing the delay.

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