• Sex offender tells KIRO 7 victim made up story

    By: Natasha Chen


    A sex offender who fled Canada for the United States and was re-arrested in Seattle in late October told KIRO 7 the 16-year-old victim in West Seattle fabricated the story.

    Michael Sean Stanley has not been charged with the sexual assault, but he is being held on charges of harassment from the incident on Oct. 22.

    Monday morning, Stanley appeared in Seattle Municipal Court, where the city added the charge of resisting arrest.

    KIRO 7's Natasha Chen visited Stanley in jail, where he said the events that took place in the West Seattle alley on Oct. 22 did not include any sexual assault.

    He said that the 16-year-old he met at Safeway brought him to the alley, where another man named Dave was sleeping.

    "He sure the hell wasn't some innocent kid. I'll tell you that," Stanley said of the boy.

    Stanley said he got very drunk and was probably talking loudly, which woke up Dave.

    "Dave's saying this is the guy that's from the paper, he's a rapist," Stanley said.

    He said Dave and the boy then stole his alcohol and ran off. Stanley said he shouted after them, which likely woke the neighbors and resulted in his harassment charge.

    When asked if he touched the boy, Stanley said, "Nope. There was no contact at all."

    He said he would ask the boy why he reported his story.

    "Why did he do this? He had no reason to do this. I didn't even know the guy."

    But staff at the nearby convenience store said they believe the boy's story.

    Employee Harold Chacon first noticed the boy they know as Mitch before 7:00 a.m. that day.

    Chacon said, "I'm the one who asked him, what's going on with you? He looked like he hadn't slept all night."

    Chacon repeated some of the story Mitch told him: "[Stanley] put his hand on Mitch's mouth, and at the same time with the other hand is pulling his pants down."
    Mitch told him he then poked Stanley with a knife and ran off.

    The store manager, Cathy Wentzel, also said she has every reason to believe the child. She said she sensed that he was scared.

    "We kind of finished his sentence for him a little bit. Me and my day shift clerk – oh, he tried to rape you? And he says yeah, that's what he was trying to do," Wentzel said.

    The 16-year-old is from Kirkland and was homeless at the time of the incident. He was detained by youth services that night, but was released 24 hours later to his family, according to the prosecutor's office.


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