Sex offender found to be working at family-oriented lodge, waterpark



GRAND MOUND, Wash. - Families visiting the Great Wolf Lodge waterpark and hotel were upset to learn a registered sex offender had been working at the lodge for six months until he was arrested on outstanding traffic warrants Monday.


The lodge is now investigating how the man managed to get a job there.


Police said they received a tip Monday that a sex offender was working at the lodge and had arrest warrants for traffic tickets.


Joshua Bryant, 30, is a Level 1 sex offender who was convicted 16 years ago of inappropriate sexual contact with several children.


Bryant is not legally restricted from working with children, but the fact he was working at the Great Wolf Lodge concerns the Grays Harbor Sheriff.


“Anytime we have someone who is a registered sex offender engaging in conduct that puts them in the proximity of children, that’s something that’s concerning to us,” said Sheriff Rick Scott.


Great Wolf Lodge managers said they have a zero tolerance policy for hiring sex offenders but for some reason Bryant's background check came up clean.


The lodge said it is doing all it can to figure out how they were not aware of Bryant’s past and to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


The company said Bryant had been working in the laundry area and should not have been in contact with children.


Lodge officials said that Bryant has since been fired.