Several people injured, cars damaged in Bonney Lake melee



BONNEY LAKE, Wash. - Four people were taken into custody after multiple people were injured and several cars were damaged in Bonney Lake Friday night, police said.


The incident happened in the 10400 Block of Angeline Road just after 11 p.m.


KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Deborah Horne spoke with a man who hosted the party for a friend who just joined the Army.


“It was just supposed to be a going away party for one of my buddies,” said 21-year-old Garrett Mitchell. “It was supposed to be a low-key party, like 15 people were invited, and on Facebook and Twitter got ahold of it so we ended up with a lot of crazy people here.”


Mitchell estimated nearly 100 people showed up, but most of them were strangers.


“They showed up and were intoxicated already,” said Mitchell.


When people started raiding his refrigerator, Mitchell threw them out.


“And I was standing in the driveway, waiting for them to leave and there was a mob of people coming this way with baseball bats and tire irons and stuff,” Mitchell said.


Mitchell ran inside and the group started bashing car windows.


Neighbors started calling 911 including an off-duty Bellevue police detective, Bob Dentz, who lives nearby.


“And at one point, a loud bang went off. I reported it to dispatch as being a shot fired. It sounded like a gun going off,” said Dentz.


When Bonney Lake police arrived, four people jumped in a car and tried to drive off.


Simon Little’s car was hit as the people drove off.


“Suddenly, I started hearing some banging. Boom. Bang. Bang. Boom,” said Little. “The last time they hit was right as I hit the door.”


Police stopped the car after it sped off.


“And the next thing I know, I heard that they (police) got them a block over. I was like, that’s good,” said Little.


According to police, several people suffered minor injuries.


Police never found evidence of a gun.


The people who were arrested were charged with assault, hit-and-run and underage drinking.