• Series of robberies committed by man in large blond wig


    BURIEN, Wash. - A man wearing a large blond wig is suspected of robbing Hispanic grocery stores and restaurants from Burien to Tukwila.

    Detectives found the man's wig on Sunday night near La Ceibita grocery and restaurant. The crowded shop had be robbed at gunpoint shortly before by a man wearing the wig and a fake beard.

    The wigged man ordered everyone on the floor and demanded cash.

    Detectives say the robber dropped his wig as he ran away.

    A man with a matching description was caught on surveillance video at a different store blocks away.

    Detectives believe he may have also robbed other Hispanic-owned businesses in the area in the last month.


    The wig and beard hid the man's face, but shop owners believe he's Hispanic. They say he shouted orders in Spanish and English.

    Grocery story owner Hugo Blas said his family-owned store was filled with people, including small children, when the robber forced them all onto the floor and threatened to kill the owner.

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