• Serial robber terrorizes clerks at Eastside businesses


    KIRKLAND, Wash. - Police are looking for a bold serial robber who has terrorized clerks at gunpoint in 19 heists at gas stations, convenience stores and sandwich shops.


    Seven of the robberies were in Kirkland, including the most recent target, a Chevron station along Northeast 85th Street where the robber demanded cash and cigarettes Wednesday morning.


    Cesar Garcia, the victim in Wednesday's robbery, said the robber apologized as he left.


    "When he's leaving he says, 'Sorry,'" Garcia said.


    Detectives said he's between 25 and 30 years old, 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 6 inches tall, with a stocky build.  He typically wears a stocking-type hat with a hood pulled up. A bandana covers his face.


    Police handed out a sketch of the robber earlier this week, warning possible targets.


    Lena Lyons works at a 76 station on NE 85th Street that was robbed Friday.


    "I hope they catch him, I really do. A lot of us have kids, families, work hard just like everybody else," Lyons said. "It's scary."


    Police departments are working together.


    They say the robber is selecting businesses on busy roads, near freeway entrances. They say he walks to a waiting vehicle, and could have an accomplice.

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