• September 11th remembered in Kitsap county with new memorial

    By: Chris Legeros


    There are now two twisted steel beams from the World Trade Towers in New York installed at Evergreen Rotary Park in Bremerton. 

    Evonne Landes can't look at them without getting emotional. She said, "it's taking my breath away." 

    "They aren't just metal remnants from a terrorist attack," Landes said, "they got blood on them too, people paid a price." 

    Almost 3,000 people died at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in a Pennsylvania field where a hijacked plane crashed on Sept. 11, 2001. 

    Margie Torbron said, "It was part of America, our country was attacked, and our military here helped go back and retaliate."

    Torbron is one of the volunteers who worked for nearly four years to create the Kitsap 9/11 Memorial. It took that long to get the beams, raise the money for the project and find a place to put it, without any taxpayer dollars.

    In addition to the steel beams, there is a chunk of limestone from the damaged Pentagon building and soil from the field in Pennyslvania where a planeload of hijacked passengers died. Tiles meticulously tell the story of what happened that day, for anybody who doesn't remember.

    Margie Torbron hopes that people will visit the memorial and get as emotional as she does and never forget what happened.

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