• Armed man shot by guard in Starbucks parking lot dies


    SEATTLE - A gun-wielding man who was shot and critically wounded by an armed, uniformed security guard outside a busy Starbucks has died.

    Police said the man had been threatening other men outside the Starbucks when the shooting occurred.

    "This apparently started as a confrontation at a table, a fight between several males," said Seattle police spokesman Jeff Kappel. "When the security guard broke up the fight and ordered the men to leave, one of them pulled a a handgun, and pointed it at the other men and the security guard," Kappel said.

     The Starbucks is located at 23rd Ave South and South Jackson Street in the Central District close to a bus stop and a busy intersection.

     The security guard fired two shots, hitting the gunman in the chest. The gunman began to run away, but collapsed about 20 feet away, dropping a Glock 9-millimeter pistol, which clearly had blood on the grip.

    Officers arriving at the scene ordered the guard to drop his weapon.

     Kappel said the guard was contracted to secure the parking lot separating the Central District Starbucks from Walgreens, and Auto Zone.

     Complicating matters, every man involved in the original confrontation sprinted away and did not talk to investigators.

    "It would be the right thing if they talked to our detectives,'' Kappel said.

    Security cameras on nearby buildings might help shed some light on the incident.

    Neighbor Greg Beavers said he's seen security guards being abused by people in the same parking lot.

    "They get cussed out, people saying 'you're not a real cop,' and worse." Beavers said.   "They have to carry guns here. Kids carry guns like I carry a wallet."

    The wounded man in his 20s was taken to Harborview Medical Center where he later died.  

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