• Security guard hitches ride from passing truck to catch Fife shoplifters

    By: Kevin McCarty


    FIFE, Wash. - A loss prevention officer in Fife hitched a ride from a passing truck in an effort to catch two shoplifters who ran from Sportco after stealing some pants, police said.

    Fife police Lt. Tom Thompson said two men were spotted leaving the sporting goods store with several stolen pairs of Carhartt pants around 4 p.m. Tuesday.

    The loss prevention officer chased the thieves from the store and down the street, but the shoplifters were getting away, Thompson said.

    A passing pickup truck pulled over and offered the loss prevention officer a ride. He hopped on and caught up with the suspects, and that’s when one of the men pulled a knife, Thompson said.

     One of the suspected thieves was arrested.  The other escaped.

    Because a knife was used to threaten the loss prevention officer, the incident is being treated as a robbery, police said.

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