• Security cameras help catch burglars in Mountlake Terrace


    Two burglars were arrested after they targeted a Mountlake Terrace construction site for the second time and were caught by security cameras, police said.

    The burglary happened at a downtown apartment complex site, which is the largest in Mountlake Terrace.

    Two men were seen on surveillance video stripping wiring from a framed wall. The two did not know their motions tripped a camera and a call to police.

    KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reporter Lee Stoll spoke with the site manager, who said they had enough and burglars were costing them time and money.

    “These are a couple of young hoodlums that didn’t have any business being there,” said the manager. 

    After the police were alerted, a K9 officer searched the building with the two men still inside.

    The men were later arrested.

    “They’re just chopping that [copper] up and selling it at recycling places and doing what they do with that,” said site superintendent Kevan Muzzy.

    Muzzy said the burglars stole more than $10,000 in power tools and supplies from the site last year.

    The cameras were installed in December.

    In three weeks, police arrested four burglars at gunpoint. 

    Doug Jones said all three businesses in the area, including his auto shop, now have cameras. 

    “We need to see more of that and these people caught because this is costing us all money,” said Jones.

    Muzzy said the cameras are not only helping police catch criminals but they’re also helping to keep those costs from showing up in rent prices as well, for now.

    “You hear more and more about it and I think you are going to see a lot more of it,” said Muzzy. 

    KIRO 7 spoke with the security company and they said similar cameras have helped police arrest 14 more burglars across the Puget Sound this month.

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