• Preschooler left on school bus for second time

    By: Lee Stoll


    KINGSTON, Wash. - The North Kitsap School District is trying to figure out how a preschooler was left on a bus at the end of the day on Thursday of last week -- and this wasn’t the first time.

     Superintendent Patty Page said the situation is under investigation and would only give the basic details.  She said the child, who is 3-5 years old, boarded the bus at David Wolfle Elementary in Kingston last week to head home.  But the driver made it all the way to the depot before noticing the child was still on board.

    "Obviously, it's not something that's acceptable.  We're responsible for the students when they're put on the bus and to make sure they make it home," said Page.

     But this isn’t the first time a student was left on a bus. Last May, a 3-year-old preschool girl from Breidablik Elementary in Poulsbo was supposed to be dropped off after the morning class. But she was left alone on a school bus for 30 minutes. The school district immediately made changes. The bus driver was suspended and taken off the preschool route—but was not fired.

    "It is not something that is typical or something we need parents to be concerned about the safety of their children," said Page.

     A KIRO reporter asked if the driver in this case is still on the road. 

    “We are in the middle of an investigation and I'm not going to speak to it," said Page.

     “No child should be left on the bus.  Shouldn't happen," said  Sandra Gulan, who has twin boys in the preschool program at David Wolfle Elementary.

     Page said the district never sent a letter to parents explaining what happened.

     "I was going to let my kids start riding the bus next year, so I'm not so sure now," said Gulan.

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