• SeattleInsider: Underwater hockey: A 3 pound puck, 9 inch stick and breathtaking competition

    By: Michael Fox


    It combines a 3 pound puck, 9 inch stick and breathaking competition - quite literally. 

    I present to you underwater hockey, a sport that is up-and-coming not just in Seattle but all across the United States.

    “A lot of people describe it as a shark feeding,” said underwater hockey player Matt Richards. “You start playing, it’s an addiction."

    Underwater hockey is played at the bottom of a pool, six players on a side and often takes 20 minutes before a team scores.

    Victory comes from navigating the waters with your teammates and shuffling the puck into the opposing team’s goal.

    The hardest part however is coordinating holding your breath with your teammates because at some point you will run out of air.

    The local team is the Seattle Seahammers, they play on a weekly basis and they even have loaner gear for new players.

    Click the video above to see Seahammers practicing during a session in 2013.

    Click here to visit the Seahammer website.

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