• SeattleInsider: TIME LAPSE: Alki Beach via helmet cam

    By: Michael Fox


    Alki Beach, West Seattle - Many Seattleites say Alki in West Seattle is the closest the Puget Sound will EVER get to a California beach experience.

    During the warm months locals and tourists alike flock to Alki for a California dreamin’ experience – sand volleyball, fire pits, sunbathing, nice grass and loads of restaurants.

    All this opportunity for fun and I haven’t even mentioned the best of the best – the spectacular view of the Olympic Mountains and at nighttime, arguably the best sunset-viewing in the region.

    SeattleInsider captures a time lapse video of the sights  that can be found on Alki (from a buff man running to a spectacular view of the city) during any warm day in Seattle.

    So as the delicious weather rolls into our region this week, consider a trip to Alki. You’ll enjoy the sun and see things that will make you say, “Am I really still in the Emerald City?”

    Click here for the KIRO 7 forecast.

    To stay on top of fun opportunities for the family at Alki Beach and West Seattle, visit the West Seattle Blog.

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