• Seafair Pirates storm Alki Beach, steal key to the city

    By: Joanna Small


    SEATTLE, Wash. - It was a takeover at Alki Beach by the bad boys of Seafair-- the pirates sailed ashore to a crowd of thousands on Saturday.

    KIRO 7 is your official Seafair station, and we were there when the pirates seized the beach… and something else.    

    Usually pirates are the ones stealing the booty but today they were doling it out, and kids like 7-year-old Tony Piston were there to collect.    

    "I'm probably going get a gold hook, the thing you put your hand in, you know the hooks,” he told us, dressed up like a pirate.    

    The Seafair pirates have been hooking hearts for years; watching them storm Alki Beach can't help but stir nostalgia for natives in the crowd who come back year after year.  

    "I can remember the pirates taking my mom and hustling her up to the boat and keeping her for two hours,” said Wayne Severson, now a Seafair volunteer.    

    Just like our friend Tony, the long-time repeat customers have a tough time not getting into it.  

    "It's a costume I've been working on for 13 years,” a Seattle man wearing a Jack Sparrow-like getup explained.  

    “Every year I get something new to add on to it."    

    The pirates got something new as well-- when Seattle Mayor Ed Murray wasn't looking they snagged the key to the city. 

    Of course they'll give it back; Seafair pirates are nothing if not generous.  Just look in Tony's pouch.      

    "I have an entire treasure chest of this stuff, trust me you should see it all,” he said, opening the little black pouch attached to his belt.    

    If you missed the pirates today at Alki Beach not to worry, they will come ashore again at Gas Works Park on the 4th of July.

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