• SeattleInsider: Remembering the Great Seattle Fire, 125 years later

    By: Michael Fox


    SEATTLE, Wa. - One-hundred-twenty-five years ago today, on June 6, 1889, the Great Seattle Fire swept through our city, destroying the entire central business district in downtown Seattle.

    According to the Seattle City website, the fire started at 2:30 p.m. in a paint and woodwork shop located at Front Street and Madison.

    The cause of the fire was a pot of glue boiling over and catching wood chips on fire.

    CLICK HERE to see photos of the Great Seattle Fire of 1889.

    The fire spread across 100 acres – 25 city blocks - of downtown destroying everything in its path.

    Following the fire, businesses reopened in tents.

    After a year, the city had rebounded almost entirely.

    The fire is widely recognized as the most destructive fire in Seattle history.


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