• SeattleInsider: 'Locally Grown' brings organic characters, sustainable laughs


    Organic Characters, Sustainable Laughs: That's the premise of the new web series "Locally Grown," a locally produced, locally focused show that centers on the quirky and hilarious realities surrounding life at a Seattle farmers market.

    Show creator Simon Hamlin says, "Think a mix between Portlandia, Arrested Development and Modern Family...set at a farmer’s market."

    "Locally Grown" follows the lives of a multi-generational farming family during their Sunday’s selling produce at the Ballmont Farmers Market.

    Where is that you ask? It is a ficticious neighborhood located between the real neighborhoods of Ballard and Fremont.

    When talking about the inspiration behind "Locally Grown," Hamlin says, "Farmers markets are magical places. Sights...sounds...tastes...and it all starts with the characters. People at the market get to be themselves, they wear what they want, they express themselves unapolegetically."

    While ficticious in its format, the look, feel and tone of the show were born out of the realities of Seattle's farmers markets.

    The series follows the Granger Family and their connection to the community, the market and each other.

    Grandpa Edmund can’t seem to give up his “rein” on the farm. He knows there’s only one right way to get something done…his way.

    His absent-minded wife, Gigi, agrees with everybody all the time.

    Their daughter, Liza, is the ‘whoops’ daughter – a country girl turned yuppy

    conservative with a misguided passion to find her passion.

    Their other daughter, Sam, is successor to the farm. Between that, her dad, her

    husband and the kids, she’s just trying to keep it all together.

    Hubby Jim is an honest, spiritual man who dreams of utopian society.

    Their daughter, Courtney, is a staunch vegan with wanderlust.

    Son Eddie Jr.’s business smarts put Donald Trump to shame.

    The thing is… the Grangers are the most normal people at the market.

    There’s a hoard of zany characters like…

    Wayne, the wheelchair bound hippy with political aspirations.

    Burke, the young, germaphobe busker, and

    Ruth, the Market Master a.k.a. ‘Godfather’ of the market.

    …just to name a few.

    To keep up on all the happenings of "Locally Grown" tune to www.locallygrowntv.com and www.facebook.com/locallygrowntv

    The pilot episode is expected to be ready for viewer consumption later this Fall.

    Photos courtesy of Greg McCorkle, David S. Hogan and Erin Neal.

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